Monday, October 31, 2011

go momma!

A few months ago a lady came to me saying that she liked the look of the 'mother's nest' pendant with pearl eggs, but unfortunately she was never able to find a seller who was willing to make one with as many eggs as she needed and for a price she could afford.  I asked her how many eggs she would need in her nest, how many babies she's raised.
The answer?

This woman had ten precious little ones!  How on earth could you fit ten pearls onto a pendant and not have it end up as big as the palm of your hand?!
She asked me if I could maybe come up with a solution and I told her I'd try.  A few weeks later, after keeping my eye out for an idea, I spotted a strand of the tiniest fresh-water pearls I have ever seen.  I seriously didn't even know if they would fit onto a wire because their holes were so small.  I brought some home and to my unbelief they fit, and the whole little clutch of a ten egg nest only ended up being 1/2" in diameter! 

This made me excited folks.  Excited because I know there are a few mommas out there who have a few more kids than the regular 1-5 egg nest.  And because even those mothers out there with 1-5 babies might like their nest on the smaller side with these tiny sweet pearls.

I thought I'd post this before Christmas as an idea for those of you (like me!) who honestly can't think of a gift for a mother who says that she already has everything she needs.  You can find it on sale in the shop.

Jiminy cricket, typing that out reminds me how soon the holidays are coming!  I love this time of year! 
 Any other ideas for gifts for mother?  What have you thought of so far?

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