Friday, October 14, 2011


Hello!  This is me, BeccaMarie.  I'm just introducing myself since this is my first blog post here.  I have, until recently, blogged along with my sister, CK, over at Made By Bedtime Tales.  I love my sister, and we love blogging together.  But as time passes people change and their interests evolve.  We have both decided to halt posting on MBBT for the time being, but we will be leaving the blog up and open so that anyone searching for a past tutorial or post can find it at their whim.  I decided to set up this here blog here so that I can have a central hub for everything that is filling up my life.  You'll find sewing patterns (as they come), and jewelry, and I'm sure a million other things that have nothing to do with anything, but I thought they'd need a place to stay.

So anyways,


  1. So Happy that I can keep in touch with you via this new blog! But so sad you are moving away :( You are so talented, and I am excited to see what you create next!



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