Thursday, October 20, 2011

That book that helps me remember everything

Having gone through school studying art, I had many sketchbooks.  Having gone through school I've had many notebooks.  I found that I felt so restricted with my thoughts and ideas.  Can I write in my sketchbook?  My teachers didn't in theirs.  And if I draw in my notebook it will be harder to stay focused in class.  These were silly 'rules' I see now.  Not that I thought of them as rules, I never really thought of it at all.  I was always just frustrated that I didn't have anything that fit me.  I found myself writing and drawing on loose sheets of paper so that I wouldn't fuddle up my books.  Then I'd lose everything.

Finally, after 26 years of figuring life out I've discovered that I don't need rules (haha, just kidding, I mean I need rules, just not on how to use my notebooks).  I've adapted my little book here to fit whatever I want to put in it, and it doesn't complain.

This one is a Pentalic, but Moleskine are beautiful as well.
It even has a little pocket in the back cover to hide love notes and secrets.

Drawings, designs, jewelry, ideas, boredom, notes, inspirational thoughts from church.
It all goes down.

And I love it.

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