Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hazel and Gold

I'm a lucky girl.

I've got my hands on two Hazel and Gold hand-crocheted hats, and boy are they gorgeous!

I'm a huge supporter of hand-made beautifulness, so I just had to give you all a heads up; 
Hazel and Gold is an etsy shop run by a lass named Sheri, a lovely and amazing woman who crochets from home with her beautiful babies.

Her hats come in all shapes and sizes.  She has scarves too.  I'm dying over the sock monkey hats right now.  Truly.
Oh, and the pink brimmed hat.
And the best part?  She does custom orders!  Oh the talent!
So if you're needing something fair and warm to wear when you go out during these cold winter days, check out Hazel and Gold.  She also has fun secret sales that pop up on her facebook page all the time, so go get in on the scoop!

I only post it because I love it.

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