Wednesday, February 15, 2012

wooden camera

My boy and girl like my camera.
To avoid the inevitable breakage we made them their own.

We went to home depot and grabbed some scrap wood (the scraps they are going to burn) and cut two blocks by hand right there at the store.  Well, okay my husband sat there and sawed away.  I looked and enjoyed watching him work :)

We also cut two chunks from a dowel we already owned, and two tiny squares of masonite for the buttons.

My husband drilled a hole through for the eye piece and sanded the edges of the hole with a dremel.
He glued on the button and lens and added a screw to the lens for security.

Then I came in.
I painted.  
Yup, I was a big help.  My idea you know, and then I just kind of watched from a distance and pointed things out.
He's such a good sport.

Say cheese!

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