Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How To - soft head toddler drumsticks

Yes, I put a space in the word 'drumsticks'.  I've already slapped my own hand.

I'm trying to incorporate more music into my activities with my kids.  Not only because I'm sure that if I get them started now that they will turn into musical geniuses, but also because it's just something new to do (I'm a boring momma).  I purchased some fun instruments from a thrift store for a couple of dollars, a tambourine and mini xylophone among them.  They came without drumsticks so I thought I'd make my own baby-safe set.  Here's how it goes!

You will need two foot-long dowels.  These are a little over 1/4" thick.
A glue gun.
Two 5" x 5" squares of fabric for each stick.
Two long 1" thick strips of fabric for forming the ball (Maybe 2' to 2 1/2' long.)
And two short strips of fabric for tying off.  (Not pictured here.)
Please don't take all of these measurements too seriously.

First you'll dab a big drop of hot glue on the end of the dowel.  While it's still hot tie a knot over it with the end of your 1" thick fabric. 

Now begin wrapping the fabric around the knot to form a ball.  Add a drop of glue every once in a while as you go.  Try to keep it in a nice tight round shape.

Glue up the end.

Now you'll want two squares of fabric for each stick so that it sort of rounds out the curves on your wrapped ball.  Place your fabric ball in the center of your two squares of fabric and wrap them around it.

Like so.

Now keep the squares pulled tight as you wrap your tying fabric around the neck of your stick a few times and tie it super tight.

Trim the edges of the squares under the knot.

And woohoo!  You've got some non-pointy sticks for your toddlers to bang around with!

Good job :)

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