Monday, April 2, 2012

A Goose Girl Pattern

It's been a while since my first pattern was posted in my shop.  Since then I've had about ten more bobbling around in my head and I have finally finished one that I have been working on for a few months (yeah, I'm still getting the process down...)  But I'm pretty excited about it!  She's just in time for Spring :)
Here she is:

The finished doll is just about 6" tall.  She's patterned after a doll I originally made for my daughter a year ago.  The one below is hers.  
I think I must have a thing for things that are small, because a lot of my daughter's dolls turn out that way.  This one is so small that she fits in a little pouch (pouch pattern included).  The pattern includes full instructions on how to sew the young maid, the goose, and the pouch.  There are detailed photos throughout.  
I think it's a pretty good starting point for beginner sewers who are interested in making dolls.  I explain how to sew on her apron and include a yarn doll-hair tutorial.  She could be tweaked in so many ways.

I also included a free Goose Girl embroidery patch pattern.  I thought it would be fun to put a label on her pouch.


In other news, I've decided that Spring is my new favorite season.  I've never felt so uplifted by the weather in my entire life.  My daughter looked out the window and after observing the neighbors cherry blossoms squealed, "Look!  Popcorn!"

Man it's pretty out there.


  1. Oh my goodness! I love these! It makes me want to make them for my daughter someday and then read The Goose Girl to her. So cute!

  2. These are adorable. Have you read the book The Goose Girl? I just started it this week and this is very fitting :)

  3. Oh! I love it! I have been wanting to make something just like this for my daughter. So cute! New follower! You can visit me at




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