Friday, June 1, 2012

blue and green baby shower

This past weekend I got to participate in holding a baby shower for my little sister's first baby.  It was basically a big family get together.  Lots of cousins and aunts and uncles.  We are all pretty excited for her.  I haven't ever hosted a baby shower alone before, and I think it would be a bit overwhelming.  But it was amazingly fun to get together with my sisters-in-laws and pull this together.

They are ever so creative.  They came up with all of the decorations and goodies.  I've never actually seen paper pom poms before in person.  These were awesome!  You can't see in the photo above, but there were really big ones hanging above the table.  Talk about a fun and festive decoration that can be easily adapted to any event.
I thought their idea to drape different colored tablecloths over stacks of books was a perfect way to create diverse levels for the food and make it overall fun and appealing.
The drink above was so pretty.  I believe she had lemonade and soda in there.  But adding cucumbers? Genius.

The only thing I provided was the fruit pizza and the cupcakes.  
The marshmallow fondant recipe I used was found here.  We had to travel a ways to get to the party, so I made the cupcakes and fondant petals and leaves the day before.  Then the morning of the baby shower I just made frosting and arranged the little flowers on top.  Super easy.  Especially when you have a sister who is willing to help :)

Have you made fondant before?  What recipes have you used?


  1. Awesome. I've made fondant before but I don't think I was very good at it. I need some more opportunities to practice, I guess. Beautiful colors.

  2. Beautiful Pictures !!! your dining area just like the one we once had your door is exact like the one we had it went out to a big screen in porch 16x16 in size then off from it we had a deck where we did our grilling. sure do miss that home. God Bless !!!



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