Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich (an easy easy way)

I like to cook, and I love to eat good food, but I'm not very good with complicated recipes.  When things can be made easier, I am made happier.  This is the easiest honey mustard chicken ever!  My husband was super excited about this sandwich when I started making it.  Score!  Another easy and fast recipe to use when I draw a blank :)  But if you are a little more on the gourmet side, please close your eyes, because I just know I am not using the more traditional ingredients.

First, place your chicken breasts in a large skillet and turn on medium heat.  It might be nice to cut or slice your chicken to a more manageable sandwich size.  I usually don't grease the pan because the glaze helps to unstick things, but if you feel the need you can pour in a little olive oil.  To make the yummy honey mustard glaze I use, dun dun dun... honey and mustard!  But not even the fancy cooking dijon mustard.  I use plain old yellow mustard that I have on hand.
Simply cover your chicken with equal parts mustard and honey.  I usually just do this to one side and then push the chicken around a bit until it is all mixed in and covered with the glaze.

Cook your chicken until it is golden on both sides, flipping once.  I actually prefer things even blackened a bit.  It brings out a stronger flavor.  Just make sure your chicken is cooked all the way through.

Next it is time to assemble your sandwich!

You can put whatever you want on there, but I like to put on:

tiny pinch of salt
and spinach

Oh!  And ranch dressing.  I hardly ever use mayo on my sandwiches anymore.  Ranch and mayo are probably equal parts unhealthy for you, so I like to use the tastier one.

I like to toast my bread for a minute (just in the toaster), so it holds up and holds the sandwich together better.  Spread ranch dressing on both sides.  Then layer the chicken, cheese, avocado (with salt) and spinach on there.  Top with your other slice of bread.

Ta da!  Super yummy!

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