Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More fireworks,

As if you aren't going to see enough in real life huh?  I was just psyched to have my camera with me last night, so I felt the need to take some pictures of what was going on.  We had a free evening so we decided to bike down to the city park to see if anything was happening for the Fourth of July.  It turns out that there was a free concert and a fireworks show, so we were pleasantly surprised.

First it got dusky,
and then they started playing way fun music and setting fireworks off.  My kids didn't know what they were.  The three year old hovered at my side the whole time with her ears covered, while my two year old sucked his thumb (he never even does that!) and covered his eyes with his arm.  But I saw him peeking under to see the pyrotechnic display.

You know what my favorite ones are?  

The glittery ones!
They make me think of magical movies like Cinderella, where she is turned into a princess with a sparkling glittery wand.  
... They may just make me imagine that I'm a princess... for like a second... waaaay deep inside...

I love celebrating this time of year.
I love my country.
I love the freedoms that I enjoy with my family.
And I love the freedom of religion that we have.
God bless America.

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