Saturday, August 4, 2012

Color Block - In the Shop!

Did you know that when I first started this blog I owned an etsy shop named nonsense & whimsy?  I absolutely love creating jewelry and to make that hobby possible I went on to sell what I made.  Time passed, life happened, we moved across the country and I had to close my shop for a while.  A while became longer as things popped up and I didn't know that I'd be able to keep up the commitment of running to the post office every time I made a sale.  Well, I can't help it anymore.  I see jewelry, I think about designing, I dream about it.  And even though the coming months mean another move to another state and it's going to be a bumpy road, I'm going to put myself out there anyways.  It's like something has been missing from my life lately.  Like I've been holding back with fear.  It totally might not work.
  But what if it does?

I'm introducing my Color Block collection today.  Six handmade necklaces with beautiful brightly colored beads that make ya smile.
Well, except for this girl (because she's modeling):

Glass beads, wood beads, seed beads, and clay tags.
Everything that I thought would make them beautiful :) 

Please stay tuned for more to come to the BeccaMarie Designs shop.
More earrings, more bracelets and necklaces.
And... dolls, patterns, and whatever comes to mind!



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