Wednesday, October 10, 2012

how to refashion a little girl's skirt from a tube top

I really like my local walmart.  Whenever I go, I skim through the clearance racks.  Like, the ones that start at $5.  After a week or two they are $3.  And then with a desperate desire to get rid of this nasty apparel Walmart marks them down to $1.  Do all walmarts do that?  I love it.

Of course everything they are selling for a dollar is obviously something no one wants.  The odd sizes, odd shapes, and odd everything.

Take, for instance, this bizarre tube top:

I've never seen anyone wear something like that.
But man, $1?  It's fabric!  For a dollar!

I brought it home and turned it inside-out.  I laid my daughter's skinnies on there and pinned the top on either side of the waist line.  I'll admit, I should have given it 1/2 to 1 inch extra pull in there because the elastics have different elasticity.  The finished skirt fits fine, but I would have liked a bit more room for her to grow.  Just a tip.

I then zig-zag stitched all the way down the skirt at an angle, so she would have as much leg room as possible.

And then trimmed the edges.

And done :)

I'm usually too stingy to let her run around playing in skirts and dresses.  I like to keep them nice for church on Sundays.  But this?  Come on, it was a dollar :)



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