Friday, November 30, 2012

practice practice

I don't believe that this scripture was intended for the subject of mothering exactly, but it is certainly the advise that I think applies to me and my learning to parent lately.  Sometimes I just feel so mean.  I wish I weren't.  I never want my children to get the vibe that they are an 'inconvenience'.  Wouldn't that be horrible?  

My mom is too busy for me.
Whatever I need, as soon as I approach her, she'll act like I'm bugging her.
Whatever I need, it's not as important as what she is doing right now.

I sort of hope I am being harsh in my examples here.  I hate to think these could be real subconscious thoughts of my children... but what if they are?

I love this scripture.
Reminding me to be gentle.  Easy to be entreated.  In my mind that means 'easy to be approached and asked of something'.  Full of patience and long suffering.

Now there is a motto for a mother, 'Long Suffering'.

And when I am in that moment of frustration, reminding myself to be humble, and remind myself to try harder, to not give up.

Obey the Lord's commandments.
Ask the Lord for whatever I need.  Not only spiritual, but also temporal!  Ask Him for whatever I need!   He is telling me to pray to Him, and to ask for help. 

Give thanks.
Have faith, hope, and charity, "and then ye will always abound in good works."

Wow, what a promise.  I'll take you up on that :)


  1. What a beautiful post and reminder! Thank you for sharing. It is exactly how I feel at times.

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