Thursday, April 4, 2013


It seems like when I am pregnant I have really odd dreams.  And a lot of them.  Of course it could just be that I wake up so often from deep sleep to run to the restroom that I remember them better than happily sleeping normal people...  But really they are weird and I don't care much for them.  Every so often we come across a good one, you know, me and my husband dating or something.  So today I'll share a few of them with you.  The first one is really short.  I can't remember what the whole dream was about, but there were cherry-dipped ice creams involved.  I'm not much of a cordial cherry fan, but they were stuck all over to the shell, and I woke up with a very specific craving.  
Well guess what the ONLY other dipping flavor our Arctic Circle has rather than chocolate?  

Cordial Cherry :)

On to the next dream.  
I was stuck in an elevator.  I had to get to the the 5th floor and the elevator wasn't working.  I was on like, floor 10, and there was one other person in there.  Said person was sort of fuzzy and faceless (you know, an extra) and they kept trying to open the doors to floor 10.  Now there was a horrible feeling about floor 10.  I don't know what was out there, but I knew it was not good, and I knew we should be actively trying to get away from there.  I began shutting all the windows (since dream elevators have windows only when you are trying desperately to stay hidden), and locking the doors.  I could see shadows walking buy and people trying to peek in.  Things started getting really nerve wracking when I tried pushing the 'close' door button, only to find it wasn't there.  So I began jamming the floor '5' button over and over to get the elevator going again.  Of course it wasn't working for me.  But dumbnut faceless person was clueless to our dangers and began trying to push floor '10' button and 'open'.  I think I kicked him in the shins once or twice.  
Then, faceless person pushes the 'Troll' button.

A 'Troll' button.

Why?  Why of all the helpful buttons that could possibly be in an elevator in times of crisis is there a gigantic button that summons trolls?

I panicked.  I was so angry at faceless.  I think the doors finally opened and I shoved him out.  Then finally I pushed number 5 and the elevator actually dropped to the fifth floor where I stumbled out and promptly woke up.

I argued with my brain on the logistics of that dream.  Really?

On to the last dream, and this one is from my daughter.
Yesterday I woke up before my kids and was suddenly filled with motherly love and decided to go get some pancakes started instead of covering my head with the blanket and wait for them to come and find me.  I could hear some shuffling around upstairs for a while and finally my four year old bounded down the stairs.  She ran into the kitchen with such purpose, then asked if she could cook with me and tell me about her dream.  As soon as she was on the counter she dove into her story.  This was such a sweet moment for me because it's the first time I've seen her recognize a dream for what it was and get excited to tell someone about it.  

She told me that there was a castle.   There was a cage in the castle for the witch.  The witch was not there.
She and I were making ham-rolls to give to the witch so that she wouldn't give us a poison apple.

The end.
Cool!  So simple, yet so much that involved our daily lives... I mean, her and me cooking ham-rolls together and stories about witches and castles and dungeons and poisoned apples, not actual cages or poisoned apples.
It was just so simple, and so sweet.  Afterward she told me that she had been laying in bed for a while piecing it together and thinking about it before she ran down to tell me.  I hope I never forget that :)


  1. This was SO cute! You are so cute and we love the same cherry dipped ice cream cones :) I thought I was the only one who knew they existed!!! Too bad I live an hour and a half from a DQ :/ I sure miss you.

  2. Becky- you are the cutest little pregnant lady ever! I think I know where I want to go for dessert this weekend...

  3. AH! That is a scary dream (the elevator one). That ol' dumbnut!



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