Thursday, May 30, 2013

Over the weekend - bridal shower and puppies

This weekend I had the privilege of heading to my Grandmother's home to help host a bridal shower in honor of my little sister.  Oh d-d-d-dear!  When was this girl allowed to grow up and fall in love?

She reminds me of Ariel the mermaid in this picture.  She's still my baby.  The little fire-ball.  The one who still loves to eat chocolate cake and watch old Disney channel reruns and talk about Harry Potter.
He's one lucky guy.

My cousin and I pulled together some flowers and treats and held a Tea Party themed shower.  I learned to make paper flowers here.  I made this dish.  And devoured these pink lemonade cupcakes.

Can I just say how thankful I am to have the funnest group of cousins and aunts ever?  Everyone had a hat.  Everyone dressed up.  Some even wore dresses of lace and matching jewelry.  Thank you for playing the parts of tea party goers!  It's so much fun when everyone gets involved!

Now on to more urgent matters.  Like why don't I live in a house?
If we owned a house with a yard I'd be able to take one of these sweet angels home with me.  As it is we were only able to enjoy their sweet little spirits for a couple of days while staying with the in-laws.  I'm not really a dog-in-the-house type of person, but puppies?  Puppies-in-the-house is a totally different thing right?

I'm so grateful for every moment I get to visit my Grandmother.  This weekend was amazing.  I love this lady with all my heart.


  1. ooo, I love how you strung the flowers together from the ceiling, what a good idea! Oh, these are beautiful pictures :) Luv ya

  2. I really like the picture of you and Granny. Those puppies are adorable. I'm pretty sure, though, that puppies are worse than a full grown dog, esp. if you don't have your own house hahahaha. I really want Ethan and Violet to have a dog (Ethan would play with it all day long; Violet loves dogs and gets so incredibly excited over them), but I am like you-- I don't want to have an indoor dog. Hopefully our next home we eventually get will have enough space for an outside dog.

  3. I don't know much about puppies :) I assume they get messier and more lively before they get tamed :)



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