Friday, October 28, 2011

How To - floral tiara

My daughter is going to be a ballerina/pink/fairy/princess girl for Halloween.  To top off the look I made this little floral tiara for her.  There are probably a dozen and one ways to make one of these, but my method was super cheap: two flower stems from the dollar store, hot glue, and wire cutters.
Plus there were a bunch of blossoms left over when we were through, so she was thrilled.
Here's how it went:

I took the flower stems and realized that they were very bushy and thick.  I wanted this to be more on the delicate side, so I cut all the thin flower stems from the thick base.  You can see the base on the right there.

Next I slid most of the flowers off the main stems.  Some of them were still attached to small stems and I left those so that I could weave them in later.  
Notice how the stems above aren't super long.

I wove them into a circle by winding the ends around each other and securing with hot glue.

This is how the full circlet turned out.  This was my base.  I then wove in the remaining flower stems (securing with glue), and glued in some blossoms to fill the spaces.

Take a minute to hold it back and see how it's looking.  You can move things around a bit to make sure it doesn't have any gaping holes or bushy sides.

And you're done.  You might just be a little jealous that your daughter gets to wear pretty flowers in her hair and wish you were young enough to pull something like that off again.

At least it's fun to see her excitement though :)

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