Monday, October 24, 2011

small & simple

Occasionally I plan on sharing posts from my old blog.  Here are a few bracelets I had talked about once.  I made them when two of my little sisters were really getting into friendship bracelets and I kind of jumped aboard the ship.

I added a thing or two to make them a little more classy.  Although I don't think there is anything wrong with the traditional friendship bracelet.  Those things have a charm all their own.

I also learned to make a sliding knot so that they can be easily slipped on and tightened by the wearer.  I can't find the youtube video that I learned from to make the slip knot, but I changed it a bit anyhow, so maybe I'll do a tutorial on that later.

Did you ever get into friendship bracelets as a kid?  Or maybe even when you were a little older?  Such a harmless show of affection between friends.  I love it.

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