Monday, October 24, 2011

Child's Play

Look at that, only the humble stable boy is willing to save the princess.  

This is what I do when I try to make playing with my children more interesting {for myself}.  Because really, there are only so many times bobbing a little figuring up and down and pretending he's talking can get me excited.  I wouldn't ever trade staying home with my children for anything, but sometimes I have to make things a bit more intriguing.

Same goes for story telling.  Although I have to stop myself sometimes when the stories get a little too complicated.  

Today I found myself pinned on the floor by a one and a two year old.  I was required to make honking noises as they took turns squeezing my nose and clawing and twisting.  It's a good thing there was much giggle involved.

Oh the torture.

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