Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hey guys, I made a mistake.
I told you when I announced my giveaway that I'd be adding the new antique brass earrings to the shop this week.  What I forgot to mention (what I forgot myself) was that I'd also be closing the shop and putting it in vacation mode for the next few weeks.  This is due to my upcoming move and inability to access the jewelry in boxes.
I'm sorry :(
I promise that the shop will open back up in early December so you can catch up on those last minute Christmas gifts.  If you head on over to the shop you can sign up to receive a notification email when it reopens.  Thanks for all your support you guys!  You're wonderful!

P.S.  This does not mean the blog is being put on hold.  We're not finished yet :)


  1. Such a lovely piece. Good luck with your move too.

    Thank you for entering my giveaway. I have added you for the bonus as well. best of luck
    hugs Lynn



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