Monday, January 23, 2012

The Cleaning Silver Jewelry with Toothpaste lesson

As I make and sell jewelry I have come to know personally how well sterling silver can tarnish.  Obviously this just won't do.  I'd like to show you the method I use for cleaning jewelry.

Both of the earrings in the photo above were tarnishing quite badly.  I have already cleaned the earring on the bottom.  Can you see the difference between them?
Here's how it works.

You need some toothpaste.  Toothpaste has a very fine grain, just abrasive enough to clean the tarnish off, but not enough to harm your jewelry if you are careful.  A tooth gel will not work like this.

Place a small amount of paste on your hand.  I actually ended up using a bit more than this.

Now rub the tarnished jewelry with the paste.  Just scrub it up with your finger.  Please be careful, some designs might be harder to clean than others.

Once the tarnish has been worn away you then rinse off the paste.  Be watchful that you do not drop your jewelry down the sink.  It might be helpful to rinse it out in a small bowl. 
Make sure you get all the paste out of the small grooves.

Pat dry, and enjoy you beautiful jewelry!
And your fresh smelling hands :)

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