Monday, February 6, 2012

b&w butterfly

The other night I was awoken by a little three year old girl with curly blonde hair.  She told me her foot hurt.  I unzipped her jammies so we could pull out the offended foot.  The heater hasn't been working properly lately so I had to pull off a little sock too.  Then she scratched the bottom of her foot.  And it was better.

Man those itches.

She wanted the sock back on but I was too tired so I assured her she'd be fine without one sock and she carried it with her to bed.
I then led her to her bed and tucked her all in.  As soon as all of the covers were tucked into the right places she told me that she had to go to the bathroom.
So off we went to the potty.  As she was still on the potty she was trying to put that darn sock back on.  She was getting pretty desperate.  We were both really tired and not really with it.  Finally after some whimpers and squints the sock was on and hands were washed.  I went back to sleep as soon as she was in her bed.
An hour later I had a horrible dream about not being able to find a suitable bathroom even though there were a million in the house I was living in in my dream.  So this time I got up to run to the restroom.

An hour later baby boy woke up because he had kicked off all of his blankets and man it was cold.

Needless to say it was another very un-restful night.
But that morning, as I lay in bed after my good husband had already left for work the three year old curly blonde girl climbed into bed with me.  I awoke to find a beautiful pink face just inches from mine.  She was smiling and started to whisper things to me as we lay there in the waking hours.  When I decided to get up she offered to help and tried to lift me up.  It was heavenly.

It's so worth it.


And because I can't help myself, check out this new video by OK Go

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