Tuesday, February 7, 2012

two ways to tie a scarf

Lovely model is Lydia, my sister.

I love wearing scarves that are light and not too warm.  Here are two ways to tie a scarf that are kind of fun and different.

1.  Lay scarf on shoulders with ends towards back.
2.  Wrap ends around to the front.

3.  Tuck ends in and pull under the loop
4.  Repeat step three.  Depending on the length of your scarf you may want to wrap it several times.

Tada!  So easy.
The second wrap is one my family learned while in Italy.  A man was selling scarves and went up to my sister and lay the scarf on her shoulders and showed her how to tie it.  What do you do when an Italian man wraps a scarf around your neck?
Buy it.
So here we go.

1.  Fold scarf in half.
2.  Lay folded scarf across you shoulders.

3.  Pull one end through the loop.
4.  This part is tricky to describe, just look between the pictures a bit.  You twist the loop and then pull the other end through.

And there you go.
Now go be exotic!

Love you all, thanks for coming.  And if you like what you see please don't be afraid to follow.  I know that sounds kind of fussy, but I can't tell you how encouraging it is to see that at least one person has read a post.  

Okay, carry on.  Go be exotic.


  1. Both Polly and I have read your post. And we love Lydia's lipstick:)

  2. Oh! Thanks! I know who Polly is... but Anonymous?

  3. Lovely ! I love wearing scarves but I had never tried those two ways ! I've just sent the link to two friends of mine : one in the center of France and another in Cornwall (UK). Thanks for this smiling tuto !



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