Friday, February 24, 2012

Can I give you an idea?

A while ago I was at the craft store and I found this little wooden house for about $3.  I couldn't help myself, I brought it home with me.

I had been looking for a little bird house that I could modify in some way to be a home for little wooden peg dolls.  The bird houses are great prices but their tiny round doors are just too small, I knew that if my daughter poked a little doll in there she would never be able to get it out by herself.  This little house seemed to be a good substitute, plus storage!  

I've always wanted to try wood burning, so I finally invested in a wood burning pen.  I found this one at Home Depot for $15.  I've seen them at places like Joanns as well.  I wish I could compare the two in quality, but I know they are about the same price.

I've listed this under tutorials, but there isn't much to tutor really.  First I plugged in the burning pen and while I waited for it to get hot I drew my design on the house with a pencil.  

Next you just have at it.  Practice as you go, it is different than drawing with ink.  It took me quite a while to get used to.  Making fine lines is tough without it looking like connect the dots.  As I went on I decided that I liked making thicker darker lines because they were easier.  This is where I wish I knew the quality difference between different brands.  I still think it turned out okay.

I'd like to give out a safety warning as well, these pens get unbelievably hot.  I waited until after my children were in bed before I pulled it out for this project.  One time while working I accidentally touched my finger with the tip of the pen for half of a second.  It didn't hurt but it left a tiny white dot where it scorched the skin.  I can't imagine what it would do to a little person's hand if they grabbed it by the heated metal.
They could also be a fire hazard, they are meant for burning after all.
Please be careful.

So anyways, like I said I had originally designed this for our little peg family.

Unfortunately they didn't fit quite as expected.
Although they do store nicely in the tiny drawers.

In the end I decided the house better suited these tiny fuzzy bears that you can find at the craft store for under fifty cents.

And they sure are cute.


  1. what that teddy bear is soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also you are good at burning wood. ;)

  2. cute! I especially like your clothes line on the side of the house

  3. I loved wood burning when I was younger. This brings back some good memories! How creative you are. I love the way you did the little bears house.

  4. ...è bellissima questa casetta :)))
    Volevo chiederti se prima hai pitturato con il bianco oppure è solo il legno...



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