Monday, April 23, 2012

Guitar Paints

Having recently moved into my parent's home while they are away, I was rummaging around in the basement and I found an old box of watercolors.  The beauty of watercolors is that even if they are ages old and dried up you can still cut open the tubes and add water to use the paint.  I'm not much of a watercolorer, but I decided to try painting a photo of my children for the mantlepiece.  I'm still learning, but it was fun!  
Just look!

Fun looking huh?  I'm posting this because I wanted to stress how easy it was to have a bit of fun.  There is no pressure when you are just curious enough to want to try painting.  Who are you painting for?  Yourself.  You don't even have to show anyone.  Or maybe you can.  Maybe you can show whatever you paint to whomever you want and be quite happy with yourself simply because you enjoyed it.  You can even use the cheap paints from the dollar store, those are what I use in my journal.  Get paints.  Get a small pad of paper.  Buy a brush.  All at one stop to the craft store.  And that's it!  You don't need a paint holder thingy like in the picture below.  I can't tell you how many old plastic plates I have covered in paint because I didn't have one of these.  I think you could spend less than ten dollars for paints, paper, and a brush. 

Do it, just for yourself.
Do it with your husband.  Or maybe a date.  Or maybe your kids.
Really, if you want to, just try it.



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