Sunday, May 6, 2012

How do I tell her it's not a flower?

My daughter seems to love the color 'lellow'.  The plethora of dandelions in this yard was overwhelming for her.  How could something so beautiful actually be a gardener's plague?  Kids see everything with an innocent eye.  I wish I did that sometimes; just look at a field of dandelions and see it's beauty.

. . . 

I suppose I've been missing in action...

Im sorry.

I took my kiddos to visit their Great-grandmother for a week, and naturally she doesn't have internet past dial-up.  But you know what?  Even if she had, visiting-family-time does not coincide with blogging-time in my opinion.  So, I am sorry that I didn't let you guys know beforehand, but I hope you'll forgive my absence.

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