Friday, June 29, 2012

Long long day.

Yesterday was one of those days where you are in and out of the house so much with a million things on your mind that once you have a quiet moment moment to yourself, it just hits you.  I had taken the kids to run a few errands with me.  It was hot outside, and I feel just terrible forcing my struggling kid into a hot carseat.  The heat makes everyone tired, but as the adult you're the one that has to keep everyone going and get things done.  When I had finally gotten us into the house, everyone's hands washed and shoes off, I set them in front of the tv.  Upon entering the kitchen with the bags of groceries to unload, I just broke down and cried.
I think what upsets me the most is that simple things like errands shouldn't be so hard, they shouldn't make me cry.  I should be strong enough to at least get the basics of life down.  Everyone else does right?

Luckily the day just went up from there.  My husband got home surprisingly early, and although he was on the phone with a business call when he entered, he saw that I was upset and just came and stood by me and let me cry on his shoulder while he continued with his call.  When I let go of him he started putting the groceries away and let me calm down for a few minutes.  

I read a quote recently that said that maybe crying isn't all that bad for you, it's an emotion that the Lord gave us, and sometimes it just makes things better.  I sure felt better after crying for just a few minutes.  And last night turned out to be nice and relaxing.  I think sometimes it's okay to cry.

Well guess what!?  It's Friday!  I think I'll turn on some fun music (maybe the Disney station on Pandora), make some play dough for the kids, and try to get some chores done.  Folding laundry can take forever if you can't resist reading a book at the same time.  Harry Potter can do that to you.

By the way, do any of you have any good ideas for dinner tonight?  I have no imagination.

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. I think for dinner this weekend we are going to have fish tacos, the meat marinated in a mixture of honey, lime and a little coconut juice. I'll roll the meat and onions (maybe peppers too) in soft tacos and serve with some green tomatillo sauce and sprinkled cheese. Let's see. If I can find the time.

    Beautiful picture, btw. I love the imagery of you doing laundry, reading a book and listening to pandora all at the same time. You are a great mama, Becky. Sorry you had a hard time doing groceries. Happens to me all the time too...

  2. No suggestion for dinner but want you to know that we have all been there, at the end of our rope. I was always told that the fact that I cried so easily was because I was weak. However I now know that is completely wrong tears are a way of getting whatever you are dealing with out of your system. It is not good or healthy to keep your emotions all bottled up hiding them from others. The fact that you took the time to let your emotions out is a release you really needed and look what all came of it. Your husband helped out and you have felt better. Just another woman who has been where you were and probably will again.

    Changed my mind about dinner. Have you heard of the Crock'n Girls? They have great crock pot recipes which make summer so much better. Through everything in the pot first thing in the morning and my dinner you meal is ready. Check out there facebook page.



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