Saturday, July 28, 2012

On Top of the World

Can you guess what my mom's doing to me?  This is a little embarrassing, but we're friends right?

[ I hope to eventually get ahold of the original files and link this up through youtube.  Sorry for the poor quality in the meantime :(  ]

My parent's don't live near by.  They visit once a year, and this year my little sister was absent for most of their visit while on a study abroad.  It can be tough traveling Europe and studying in art museums while trying every possible Belgium chocolate created.  Poor poor gal.  To make matters worse she had to spend her birthday in Paris.  We felt so bad for her over here that we made her a birthday video with one of her favorite songs.  It was the least we could do to assuage her woes.
Might I add that I had no idea my mother was painting a cavewoman on my chin...  And we all nearly fainted after hanging upside-down for over twenty minutes shooting time.  
DISCLAIMER: I was not in charge of the editing of this video, and therefore had no idea my sisters would include embarrassing lick-lipping clips of me trying to make them laugh.

Hope you enjoy!

Song : On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons



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