Sunday, July 29, 2012

Simple Hoop Earrings Tutorial

Today was kind of hectic.  Lots of kids and lots of playing and lots of screaming.  We have family in town and it is both very fun and a little tiring :)  Once dinner was over I excused myself, grabbed some jewelry supplies, and snuck myself outside for some silence.  I don't do that very often by the way, just ditching the other adults for my selfish hobbies I mean.  But seeing as the other adults had already had naps, I didn't feel too bad just leaving them for a few moments.  These two pair of earrings that I made were sooo sooo simple that I wanted to show you how you can make your own.  And for pretty cheap too!  I got these pretty glass beads in the little dollar box in the jewelry section of walmart.

You'll need:

chain nose pliers
beads to adorn your hoops
and hoops :)  

These hoops are made from memory wire and they end with a small circle on one end.  You can get them in a variety of sizes in the wire section of most jewelry supply stores.  I have a large piece of felt that I make all of my jewelry on.  It keeps the beads from jumping away from me, and folds up nicely.  I suggest picking a color that is darker and pleasing to the eye, because you probably don't want to be squinting at florescent pink for too long.

First, decide on the little pattern you want your beads to be in.

Next, transfer your beads to the hoop.


Now, you'll use your pliers to very carefully bend the overlapping end of the wire up slightly so that it can fit into the little hole.  This provides an easy open and close clasp.

Like so. 
And you're done!
See?  I told you it was simple :)

I have another simple pair of pearl earrings for the next post.  See you soon!
P.S.  Do you make jewelry?  I'd love to see it!

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