Sunday, August 19, 2012

Almond Joy Sunday

I love learning something new from readers!  A reader commented yesterday on the 'How to Prepare a Coconut' post and said that her family likes to break their coconuts open by throwing them really hard onto the concrete.  This is an intriguing idea and I'm going to try it soon.  She also said that they don't use a drill to drain the coconut.  This prompted me and my husband to go to youtube and see how other people like to crack open their coconuts.  We found this video which was enlightening and fun.  The guy uses a baking method and teaches you how to shell and peel your coconut in a mere twenty minutes.  He also pointed out that of the three brown dots on the end of your coconut, two will be hard and one will be soft.  So if you poke something sharp into that soft one you should be able to drain it just fine.  I just learned something new!  I am up for trying all these new tricks, but I think we will be using a saw for a while since we are collecting our shells and kind of like the clean cut look.

Now on to the dessert!


Once you have your fresh coconut flesh, it's fun to find ways to use it.  We are kind of suckers for chocolate and coconut.  Chocolate kisses and coconut.  Nutella and coconut.  All sorts of ways to put it together.
My favorite so far is simple.  To make this lovely Coconut Sunday you just top vanilla ice cream with nutella, coconut pieces, and chopped or whole almonds.  The coconut and almonds make it slightly crunchy while the nutella stays soft and amazing.


This is something we wait until the kids are in bed for.  And I'd better quit writing or I think I may and go break that rule.

Anything you like to use coconut for?

Thanks for coming by!  Love ya!

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