Saturday, August 18, 2012

How to Prepare a Coconut

Did you know that the coconut is a fruit, not a nut?  I was thinking it was a nut.  They seem a lot like almonds to me in how you have to go through several layers to get to the edible flesh part.  Alas, I'm glad I looked that one up before talking about the coconut.

I've never really been interested in coconuts.  They are one of those things that my eyes would skim over in the grocery store.  I think I picked one up once, realized that it was hard and heavy without any visible opening, and set it back down again.  Thankfully my husband is a little more adventurous than me.  He's brought home several of these, and although they are a bit of work to get to enjoy them, it has sort of become a fun family affair.

So, here's how you prepare a coconut.

Buy a coconut.  They also sell them with the outer white layer on.  We have found that purchasing them with the outer layer removed is a lot more enjoyable, and easier.

Next you'll want to drain your fruit.  These things are incredibly hard.  We used a large drill and put two holes into the bottom.  You'll want two holes so that air can fill the coconut as the milk is being drained.

Two holes.

Next, pour out the juice/milk/water stuff.  After having holes drill into it there will be tiny pieces of the brown shell in there, so use a strainer to strain out the unwanted specs.

Now you can drink your coconut milk!  Me and my kids don't actually like the taste, but my husband does.  I would recommend it chilled.  The fresher the better.

Once the coconut is drained, you can cut it open.  Again, this is a bit of a tough part.  Last time my husband pulled out his jigsaw and got it done quickly.  But because power tools make a bit of a mess, and not everyone has one, a hack saw will do just fine.

Cut, cut, cut. 

Now that it's cut open you can see the fun fleshy white part!  Just rinse it under some cold water.

We've found that the easiest way to get the flesh out is to cut strips and use the knife to pry it out.  Haha, I'm not making this sound easy.  It will take a while, but just turn on some music or a movie and enjoy it :)

And there you go!  Coconut ready for the eating!  We love it.

Tomorrow I'll show you how to make a tasty treat with this stuff.  See you soon!


  1. Interesting post on the coconut. An easier way to split the coconut is to throw it really hard on a concrete surface, it will split exactly in half. We use fresh coconut a lot and thats how we break a coconut after the water is taken don't really need a drill to make the holes, iany sharp object will do the job..

  2. It looks so delicious but I fear I will never buy one (at least with the hard shell). On J's mission, the people would just cut it in half with their machetes. And Jordan has a machete... I can just see all kinds of bad things happening! ;) By the way, that ice cream post about killed me, seriously tempting! I LOVE coconut and nuts!!



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