Monday, August 13, 2012

Forcing myself to grow.

I don't browse pinterest much, but a few weeks ago I did happen to be on there and I spotted this quote.  I wish I knew who it is from.  I searched and searched, but I got mixed results, so I'm afraid to assign it a name.  Just know that it wasn't from me.

I so often skip over quotes.  But when I read this one it really hit me.  I've said a few times on here how I'm hoping to really jump into my dreams with this blog and my etsy shop.  There are far reaching plans that I hope they can guide me to.  I feel a little vulnerable just broadcasting my personal dreams out there, but here it is.  I have a hope that one day I can invest in metalsmithing tools and learn to make jewelry from scratch.  Build my own studio and make my own designs with my own hands.  

But since we don't really have much of a budget for spending hundreds on whispy dreams, my goal with this blog and my etsy shop is to earn that money and set it aside.  
And yet I hit all these road blocks.  Like the branch that was ripped from my tree in the photo above.  I have about a million excused not to dive in head first.  I don't want to ignore my children while I blog.  I don't have time to sew.  I can't pull out all my jewelry supplies and make a mess on the table right now.

But I'm beginning to think:
If I don't make time for it, if I don't put forth the effort, then it is never going to happen.

So, heres from cant's into cans.

Here's from dreams into plans.

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  1. I am with you! Thank you for posting that quote, I need to hang it and embrace it also. The timing on this was great for me as so many things are changing right now and I need to grasp something and plan. Thank you again!



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