Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bits + Pieces

 [ IBC cream soda ]

1.  The first thing she's cut out all by herself.  Well, mommy helped guide the paper in her hands.  We need to get her some left-handed scissors.
2.  The carrots coming out of our garden are so bizarre!  How do you get them to grow long and skinny?  Is our soil too hard to grow downward?  Bizarre but yummy.
3.  This painting turned out horrible.  I certainly need to learn how to paint a willow tree.  Maybe I'll just re-gesso the canvas...
4.  Rocks, cracks, and ant holes.
5 - 8. Getting together with family at a park.
6.  Yummm
7.  I want a hot dog.  No, I want a hamburger.  No, I want a hot-dog-burger.  Really, I did.
8.  For some reason spiders don't bother me much anymore since I've moved from the bedbug phobia city.  I'll take spiders over bed bugs and cockroaches.  Of course if that spider were on me... it might be another story.

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