Friday, September 14, 2012

Not much 'round here

This is the violin my husband is making.  Just because.  Neither of us plays the violin.  But maybe one of our kids will, who knows?  You never know when you'll need a violin.

I've been editing so many photos lately, I've started turning on little shows that I can listen to in the background.  I hardly ever watch tv, so I figure as long as I'm sitting at the computer working on editing then I'm killing two birds with one stone.  I've found that I really don't like reality shows.  Not much reality in them.  That being said, I've watched a few episodes of DC Cupcakes and I've found them really entertaining!  We used to live right outside of DC, so I feel a little bit at home watching it.  And the sisters who run that place are hilarious.  Not much reality, but fun to watch what they make out of cupcakes anyway.  Who doesn't like to see gorillas made out of cupcakes?

After a few of those episodes I tried watching a few different things.  I realized right away what turns me off from a tv show.  Light and cheery!  Yay!  Fun to watch!  Squabbling mean people with contentious personalities?  No.  I'd rather watch people that that are uplifting than watch people who make me feel competitive and mean.  I didn't even get through one episode of Cake Boss (more things made out of cakes!) before his rudeness turned me off.

Something else that I've found uplifting is 19 Kids and Counting.  Talk about a neat family!  They are all so sweet and seem so on top of things!  They are so good at bringing Christ into their lives.  It makes having a big family look like it's actually doable.  I'm sure they have a lot of tough things to deal with that aren't shown on camera, but it sure is an uplifting show.

What do you like to watch?

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  1. That is amazing! I was given a violin made by a friend when I was in 4th grade and all that memory just came back. Thanks for that. I think you'd like violin!



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