Thursday, December 20, 2012

Extra photos.

I always have a bunch of extra photos laying around my computer.  What do you do with extra photos?  Why do I even take them?  Anyways, here's what they are:

Window above the kitchen sink.
Wilfred.  He comes down the mountain for a breakfast of grass and roots every morning (Every morning as in just the past two days.  Two days enough to have a name.)  I just love his bunny prints!  Two spread out feet in the back and two tiny front paws practically on top of each other in the front :)
My daughter looking at all the lights.  I think this is the last year I buy a no-name brand.  I'll bet an eighth of them didn't turn on the first time we opened the package.
I'm totally into glitter right now.  I think the inner little girl in me is jumping for joy.
Thumbprint mice.  This was before my son scribbled all over the paper and then tore it up.  Just about how he ends every craft session.
Everyone in attendance for my daughter's early morning party.
And just so you know we are regular human beings here is the pile of stuff that should go in an 'office'. We moved here almost two months ago, why won't it all just go away?
And last but not least, the aftermath of a good afternoon.

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