Thursday, December 27, 2012

Labeling in the kitchen.

There has been some personalization going on around here.  I found this $3 wooden rolling pin at walmart and thought it would be perfect for the play-dough projects around there.  My kids are addicted to hanging out in the kitchen with me and sometimes they need some tools of their own.  And of course it was wooden, and of course I immediately got all starry eyed and dreamy about wood burning on it.  
Sometimes I just can't help myself.

Here's how it goes:

Decide on the font you would like to use.  I would suggest looking some up on the computer if you need ideas.  
Either trace the name onto your project, or simply eyeball it on with a pencil.
Very carefully go over the name with your wood burner.

Some tips:
I find it easiest to begin drawing very very lightly with the tip of the burner.  The harder you push, the darker it will be.  I went over some of the curves a few times to give it a more dynamic look.
It's tough!  Consider practicing on a scrap piece of wood first, that long long point can sure throw you off! 
And please PLEASE be careful with a wood burner.  They get really really hot and could be a huge hazard to an unwitting youngster.  Just keep that it mind.

See?  Easy simple steps.  Now I'm getting all sorts of cravings.  I'm thinking maybe each of my wooden spoons needs a name...



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