Sunday, January 27, 2013

Slow and Cold

The other day I forced myself to bundle up the children for some vitamin D.  I strongly dislike the cold, mostly because of the extra layers and bundling it takes to keep the babies warm.  It just takes sooo long to get the kids ready to go anywhere.  But sometimes (it's getting more and more rare), I'll take the kids outside for a little bit.  This day happened to be a slow, quiet, and snowy day.  I brought out the camera to take some pictures of the kids in the snow, and when I turned back to face the house I saw this.  Legos stacked along the window pane.  I love this window.  It faces the mountain, and has a deep sill, so the kids can climb up and stand there and look out.  I imagine that is how these legos got stuck halfway up the window.  My kids like to display their toys to make our old lady neighbors jealous.

Anyways, we tried a new recipe.  This one was for home-made graham crackers.  I would have thought there would be some sort of special secret ingredient for graham cracker flavor, but no, Melissa has recreated these things to be about 100 times better than any store bought cracker you could find.  My little man loves them.  He sneaks chairs into the kitchen to fend for himself :)

They take about ten minutes to mix up if you are letting two little kids dump in and stir the ingredients.  I expect that if I did this all on my own I could have them in the oven in a little over five minutes.

Give them a try!  They are lovely.

And because I couldn't resist, here's a deer.  I love it when I am cooking in the evenings and dear come up to my window.  It makes me feel like I'm in good company, and suddenly things don't seem so complicated anymore.


  1. Loved this post. And the pics are beautiful. You know I tried that recipe the other week- I switched up the recipe a little and added cooked quinoa. The kids loved it and I was happy it was healthy ;)

  2. Yay! I post and a lovely one at that. I love how your mind works.

  3. I really love this post. I wish I had deer in my yard, well other than them probably eating your plants or trees... We had a lot of wildlife, where I grew up, come down over the hill behind my house, deer, coyotes, baby moose, and even bears and bear cubs. I don't get that living in the middle of Burley :) And I'm going to try the Graham crackers, they look good!

  4. I can see why Pablo can't stop eating the graham crackers Beckaboo - by the way - I am still amazed by your blackberry farm logo.

  5. Mmm. Now I want to make some. Someone said they are even better dipped in icing. That might take all the healthy out but it sure sounds good :) And are you going to train the deer to pull a sled?



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