Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Waffle Cone Christmas Trees

Merry Christmas everyone!
I'd like to preface this post with the thought that even though it is already Christmas day, if you haven't made a gingerbread home yet, it's not too late!  My family always kept ours around until New Year's Eve, and I think that as long as it's still this beautiful time of year, gingerbread homes can fill your home with yummy smells for as long as you want! 

CK is my sister.  She's an amazing mother, a go-getter, and a photographer based out near Huntington Beach in CA.  You can find her website here.  I happened to call her while she was decorating her gingerbread home with her kids and she told me about the neat idea she had to use waffle cones for the trees.  What?!  I wish I had thought of that!  I asked her to send me a few pics and aren't these the most adorable things ever?

First off, kudos to her for the huge stained glass windows!  I stuck to small ones myself because I was afraid the hard candy wouldn't melt right, but hers are beautiful.

For the trees, cover the part of your tree you want to be decorated in frosting and then decorate with sprinkles and candy.  She used white frosting to make swirls on her tree here, but you could use any color!
Pink would be fun!  I may just have to make a beautiful pink themed gingerbread home one day.

And here's the tree her son made.  It's adorable.  This is definitely something I'm going to have to try next year!

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  1. I really wanted to make a ginger bread house this year, but didn't get to it. I want it to be a tradition, so I'll have to start next year... those waffle cone trees are such a cute idea.



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