Tuesday, November 5, 2013

all about food

 I've noticed there are a few things I can't eat.
A banana with twins inside.  I found one of these once when it was really late at night and I must have been starving before bed and the only thing to eat in the house must have been the banana.  When I opened it and found two bananas inside… I threw it away.  I was really groggy, and it just confused/grossed-me-out me too much.

Along these same lines I found a grape a few weeks ago that was about four grapes molded into one… I didn't eat that one either.
I like it when I eat an egg and the yolk is just not quite all the way cooked.  But I just barely ate an egg and the last bite had some of the white part not all the way cooked.  It was the worst way to finish the last bite of an egg.

I hate oatmeal and I always will.  I love oatmeal in cookies and as an ingredient.  But oatmeal oatmeal, like a bowl of oatmeal.  I won't eat that.
I used to love love love spicy food.  My brother and I used to try and eat jalapeños out of the can.  I still like spicy food, until it comes out.  So I don't eat it as much anymore.  But my husband recently bought a brick of pepper jack cheese and it's pretty awesome.

I think Twix should be king of the world.  I've thought that for several years.  One birthday in my younger years my parents gave me a bag of fun bite size Twix and I remember going up to my room that night and eating one after another until most of the bag was gone.  I totally still love them.
In fact whenever I have a baby I ask for a Twix bar from my husband.  Sort of like, "I give you a baby you give me a Twix."  Only with the last baby it was a Twix and a Toblerone.  Inflation.

I've learned to love whole wheat.  It is really hard for me to eat white pasta at a restaurant because I feel like I am just eating servings of sugar.
I've just learned that I like broccoli.  Who knew?  It is something I generally avoided, but this month was the month!
I believe that as we grow older our taste buds mature and we go from only liking sweets to enjoying things like avocados and hummus.
Sometimes I like avocados sometimes I don't.

I don't like cinnamon.  It all started with baby # one.  My book-binding teacher brought a bag of chocolate covered cinnamon bears to class and I nearly threw mine up.
But I love cinnamon rolls!
I love maple bars.
I love radish sandwiches.
I love carrots and peanut butter, but don't tell my sister I finally tried it.
And I love my grandma's German meal.  I miss that.

What about you?  Favorite foods?  Any dislikes?  You can leave a link in the comments!


  1. this post was fabulous and perfect. i like reading quirky, funny posts that basically just talk about you. that's my favorite kind of blogging. paired with pretty pictures and you have a gold mine. <3

    carrots and peanut butter forever.

  2. I learned to like oatmeal (to increase the amount of milk I was making while nursing) but I can NOT learn to like whole wheat! I will eat it for months at a time, and then finally throw my hands up and eat white again!

    I also though this post was fabulous. :)



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