Friday, November 1, 2013

Wood Burning Tools

Today I'm going to talk about my wood burning tool.  I've had a few questions about what I use when I make my baby teethers and I thought I'd clear up a few of them :)
This here is my current wood burner.  I found it at a craft store (I believe it was AC Moore, but I'm sure you can find them at Joanns).  It is a Walnut Hollow, and I love it!  Lookie at all the little attachments:  

It can be found for under $10 on Amazon here.  But if you do a basic search for wood burning tools on Amazon you can come up with several options, a few of which have even more attachments.  I find that I don't really need more than what I have here though.  The Walnut Hollow also has an 'On' and 'Off' switch, which can come in handy.
This is the tool I began with:

It was purchased at Home Depot, and while it certainly does work, it only had the one tip and I found I quickly grew out of it.  It does not have an 'On' and 'Off' switch.  Here is a project that I created with my Weller:

See?  Not so bad, but it would have been easier with more tip options.
And here is my most recent baby teether made with the Walnut Hollow wood burner:

And if you are interested in my tutorial for an all natural baby-safe (olive oil and bees wax) finish, you can find it here!

I hope that clears things up!  I truly love this hobby :)  I'd love to post more about it!
As always, let me know if you have any more questions and I'll do my best to answer them!


  1. the wood you have listed there is not poplar but red oak......

    1. It sure looks like Red Oak huh? I have both in my stash and use both for baby teethers because they are nice and hard. This happens to be Poplar though :) They look a lot alike.

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