Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fun Fall Decor (because it takes me until the end of the season to finally get around to decorating)

This is our first home where I am really trying to decorate.  We've been married for six years and we just keep moving around, so I usually just set what we own on shelves and call it good.  Therefore I have never loved what our home looks like inside.  Now that we own a place and will be here a few years I'm working on making this place beautiful for my family.  A place we want to be.  Something that reflects my style and my families interests.
I made these garlands last year and was so excited to use them now that it is fall.  They were so easy to make, not too flashy, and I have a feeling I won't grow tired of pulling them out every year.  You can find the tutorial for them over here at A Beautiful Mess.  Other than the garland I just have a few ceramic pumpkins acquired from the dollar store and some decorative squashes piled around in various places.  I'm not huge on decorating for seasons.  It's kind of sad really, since I consider myself a crafty person.  You can see the ceramic pumpkins just slightly on the shelf in the above picture.

And because I enjoy looking around Pinterest for fun Fall decorating ideas, here are a few that I loved:

1 2 3 4

Are you a big seasonal decorator?  I'd love to see what you've been up to!  Leave a link in the comments.
Thanks for coming!


  1. what's your pinterest so i can follow you and your cute style?!

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