Thursday, January 2, 2014


My sister asked why I never have photos of myself on my blog.  I suppose it sort of depends on what kind of blog you run if you have many photos of yourself or not.  I love reading lifestyle blogs. I think it has to do with the age old fascination of people watching.  Come on, it's a hobby most of us enjoy.  We are naturally curious about the lives of others, because everyone is so different.  Lifestyle and fashion bloggers post quite a few photos of themselves on blogs.  It's the nature of the work.  When I fist started blogging I read a lot of craft blogs.   Unless modeling something they've made themselves, crafter's rarely post photos of themselves.  So I guess that's why there aren't many of me on here, I had always considered myself a craft blogger.  But through the years I think my blog has evolved.  While I still love crafting and posting tutorials, I don't do it that often anymore, and I really enjoy just speaking my mind and working on my design work. So where does that put me?  I don't know.  But I suppose I can post more photos of myself, if anything but solely for the pleasure of my sister.  Even though it makes me totally self conscious :)

I took this picture of myself while I was talking with my sister, the very conversation where she asked me to post more pictures of me.  Here I am!

And other thoughts on my mind -

I have eaten way too much ham lately.

I have a buffalo trinket.  For someone who is deliriously in love with buffalos, it is sort of sad that this is the first 'buffalo' thing I've ever owned.  I'm still on the look out for a buffalo stuffed animal.

I'm going to have to start saving my one tasty treat as hot chocolate in the evening.  It's all or nothing over here.  If I have any sort of dessert early in the day I'm a lost cause.

I love letting my baby work her own napping schedule.  I was so strict with the other kids and this is the first time one of them simply trained herself to sleep through the night.  Whatever she's doing it's working and I refuse to meddle.

I definitely need to clean the bathrooms tomorrow.

I wish my sewing machine were working.

I love not having classes for a few weeks :)

And HONY is just so crazy amazing.  What a beautiful concept.


  1. I have had too much ham and sugar lately as well. I finally cut up our ham, separated it into freezer bags, and froze it for future meals because I was going to town on it, lol.
    I like your picture, you look mischievous. :)

  2. I wish we lived closer together, I would let you use my sewing machine, and we could hang out and eat ham and sugar together :)



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