Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Baby Foal Baby Shower

I hate being the center of attention.  At least when I'm in the room I dislike it.  All eyes and ears on me. Hosting a party is just so difficult.  But I think what helped with this baby shower was that I began preparing for it about two months in advance.  Albeit a small and simple shower, I began gathering ideas and making lists as I washed the dishes, folded laundry, etc.  So all of it sort of came together perfectly in the end.  I've decided that is how I am throwing every party from now on.  They may take a few months of work, but in the end the less stress the better.

So my lovely friend was having a baby boy, and I asked what her favorite animal was so I could come up with a theme.  Her answer was, "Elk, wolves, and horses."  I don't really know how to cutesy up elk or wolves, so we went with horses.  Baby horses <3

It really was a simple shower, but I decided to post some pictures along with links to where I gathered my ideas.  Enjoy!

Tissue Paper Banner tutorial can be found here.
I went with balloons because I wanted a lot of color but minimal effort.

Truffle recipe can be found at Bakerella here.

Party animal idea found here.  This is a Schleich foal found on Amazon here.  Oh Schleich figurines, how I adore thee.

This rocking horse must be attributed to my husband.  He spent many hours helping me design and put it together and then paint it.  All I did was cut out the wood.  The basic design is a collaboration of different rocking horses we found online.

Can you tell I just loved that foal?  He was adorable.

"Once upon a time..." quote idea found here.

I really loved keeping this party simple.  If I could have branched out more I think I would have purchased these as part of the party favors, and made a few of these to go along with the other snacks that were served.  I also thought it would be cute to have a caramel apple bar to go along with the horse theme, but it didn't happen.  Oh well, there's always another time right?


  1. Very cute!! I love the colors, and how it all came together, and I like your banner thing that the brown and blue string, that is really cute.

    I do not like everyone's attention with me in certain situations. Like, when I go to answer a question or make a comment in a group situation like church meetings, or group get-together situations. It makes me feel so uncomfortable. The problem is, I can't not make comments. I seriously try sitting on my hands and tell Ryan to keep me from saying anything (and he does his best, lol) but I still feel like I can't not comment. and then I feel embarrassed and uncomfortable for hours or even days afterwards, lol. I also hate leading music, and having everyone staring at me. And now I'm primary chorister, hahaha. I am completely fine with leading a meeting or speaking or teaching... weird and contradictory, I know.

  2. That is contradictory! Do you like your new ward?

    1. It is a good ward. We make it a good or bad ward, right? :)



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