Thursday, January 30, 2014

A few things lately...

I cut my hair.  As in, I took scissors to my own head.  As you can see in the photo below, it was getting sort of long.  But, as you can see in the photo below, I have a four month old.  And as every mother of a newly born babe can attest, hair starts to fall out in the few short months after giving birth.  I was really hoping to get it super long, I was all for it.  Until the hair just started to shed everywhere.  In the shower, webbing our carpets, filling up the clean load of laundry.  I was driving myself insane trying to gather it up all of the time and rid our house of it.  Finally I snapped and called the only two hair dressers in town that I know and neither would answer the phone. 

So I watched a YouTube video.  And I cut it myself.

^^^ Just out of the shower and blow drying my hair, sans-real-shirt.

And this is how it is now.  Only I wish it were shorter.  But really I had no idea what I was doing so I gave myself an inch or two of leeway. 

You know, I know a lot of new mothers cut their hair short.  I've always sort of seen it as a way for them to start fresh, with their new fun body.  I did it with my first two babies as well.  But really, I think I understand now.  When your hair falls out in fistfuls, sometimes you have to cut it short.  Sometimes that is healthier than keeping it tangly and long.

And on to the rambling:
That black and white photo above of me and a bunch of beautiful ladies?  That is the 'Marie' photo.  My grandmother's middle name is Marie.  She is the second daughter.  When I was born my parents decided to name me Rebecca Marie.  When they told a family member they responded by saying, "Oh! So you're keeping up the tradition!"  What tradition?  Every second daughter's middle name is Marie.  Only somehow no one had told my parents that, it just happened :)  So the picture above is full of second daughters with the middle name of Marie.  Only there are more than that, they weren't all present for the picture.

My husband built a violin!  This deserves a whole other post for another time.

And the following are a few overly edited pictures of our foggy snowy drive to see a different grandmother in Idaho.  Oh how I love fog.

My sister married a skater boy.  It's adorable when they go out long boarding together.  I never pictured her as a skater, but hey, they are the cutest couple ever.  And my oldest two stole their boards.

And this is my beautiful littlest sister.  Her passion for horses evident.  She found that these two horses live nearby my parent's house and she regularly visits them with carrots in hand.

Thanks for bringing us along Millie :)

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