Thursday, July 10, 2014

At this moment...

bunny ear all the things!

Making:  A list by copying the prompts from my sister's blog.
Eating:  Oreos
Drinking:  Milk
Reading:  I just quit reading three books.  I just can't pick them up anymore, I ignore my life when I do.
Wanting:  Patience
Watching:  Granite Flats
Playing:  Word Mole… I'm usually outspoken about my hatred for video games, but word games can snag me.
Wasting:  My bathroom rugs!  I washed them with the dreaded red rug of hyper-dye syndrome.
Wishing:  That I knew how to love myself.
Enjoying:  The park in the early morning when I force myself to get the kids out for the day and the weather is amazing.
Liking:  That I finally got past the forces of the universe and was able to get myself an instagram by the skin of my teeth.  Yes, it is here.  No, I still don't know how to work it.
Excited:  For my sister to visit me!  Oxygen to by brain!
Loving:  My sisters.  Seriously, the same blood runs through our veins, that is the only way to explain it.
Needing:  To work/edit photos
Smelling:  polyurethane from the projects we have going on in the basement.
Wearing:  One blue fingernail.  Color test that never made it off.
Following:  Too many things.  I need to learn to meditate.
Noticing:  That my baby has a birth mark.  And her teeth are so far apart it is insanely adorable.
Anticipating:  This next week;  basement finished, son's birthday, new carpet!
Knowing:  That I need to practice what I preach.
Thinking:  That I shouldn't look left, right, or behind me because the kids have been in here and I'd like to remain blissfully unaware of the terrible mess behind me.  On second thought, here's a picture:

Bookmarking:  Beautiful blog and website design ideas.
Opening:  My mouth to beg the kids to whisper so that baby doesn't wake up.
Feeling:  That feeling that comes before baby-hungry.  Like, the-prospect-of-being-baby-hungry-doesn't-seem-so-weird.
Missing:  Melissa.

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  1. I can relate to a lot of these. The one about reading is exactly why I don't read at all anymore. I spent most of my adolescent years reading, it drove my dad crazy. I miss reading a lot, I know I would be happier if I read, but I honestly will not get a single thing done if I start a book. I hole up in my bed and read non-stop with only quick potty breaks and food breaks--and even the food breaks get skipped, hahaha. And I will stay up until 5 am reading. So, in order for my children and home to not be ignored, I ignore books. I also have a hatred of video games, and I also need to learn to love myself.



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