Thursday, November 13, 2014

A 6th Birthday.

My daughter turned 6 last week.  We don't really do birthday parties with friends much around here.  But I think number 6 warrants one.  She is in love with fairies.  Fairy dolls, fairy books, stories.  She asked me once to check her back and see if wings were growing.  So we went with a fairy theme.  Most of the decorations were scrounged from around the house or the craft cupboard.  The paintings, flowers, sheet, and pumpkins were all things we had on hand.  So this left little for me to stress about.  And really, the party was simple.  They each had a fairy coloring picture to crayon in at first, then we had a fairy dance, and played until it was time for cake.  

Did I say there was little to prepare?  Okay, wait, maybe I lied.  I did put together the flower crowns and wands.  But really, I love a good craft project, and this way it was fun for my daughter and myself. 

I am so thankful for the little girls my daughter calls friends.  They are delightful and sweet.

I found the tutorial for ribbon wands here.
Flower crowns here.
Cake decor idea here.  (But for the life of me I could find no cute butterflies anywhere.)
And the walnut box here.  The blue tied walnuts had chains on the charms so they were able to put them around their necks right away.  No lost fairies here.



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