Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Around here...

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Pie goes fast!

My husband came home with crusts for no less than two pastry pies and two graham cracker pies, plus all the delicious makings for the insides.  That's two cherry pies and two chocolate pudding pies, as well as the cheesecake ingredients I had purchased a few days before.

And it was all for us.
I mean, I think that was his intention.  Because we are moving in a week, so my assumption is that he figured if he brought it all home there would be no choice but to get rid of it all (read: eat and eat and eat) so we don't pack it across the country.

Thankfully I was wrong and we've been able to share with a few friends before we say goodbye.

But something tells me that even if our friends were unable to help us on this account, that pie still would have been consumed.




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