Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I've been

What I've been writing in.
My older sister and I are trying our hand at writing the stories in our heads down on paper.  It's a tough exercise.  It's also burdened by the fact that it seems virtually impossible to find time to sit and get 'in the zone' enough to write a little every day.  We have a new goal to write 15 min. for four days a week.  I think the checking up on each other at the end will help.
These are my printouts and notes thus far.

This is more like what my daughter has been doing.  What she has been painting with.  Notice the nice subtle brown tinge to every color on the palette.

This is what I've been painting... or painted.  I guess it's finished.

This is what we've been eating.  Rice and lentils with chicken and bouillon.  
Oh yum.

What have you been?


  1. Yep yep - my Becky should be an illustrator of children's books. Becky you need to find a children's author who likes your work and wants to use it. Or, try illustrating Millie's crab story - you would do a great job.

  2. Oh yes!!! DO the crab story, haha!

    Love the pics.



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