Thursday, May 17, 2012

hair flippin' good

[ Hello hello!  I've received a few photos of the swaddle babies and quilted sleepy tortoise that some of you have made.  I'd love to post what you've all been doing.  Please email me with your photos so we can share!  Thanks :) ]

Yesterday while at the store I was browsing down the bread isle when my three year old pointed at a nice lady and asked (loudly), "Mom?  Is she going to have a baby?"
I thought that only happened in movies.  I mean, I've heard scary stories when a kid says something innocent (and potentially offensive) to a stranger, but I didn't think it could actually happen.
Oy.  I have much to learn.
Luckily she was pregnant, although I wouldn't have guessed it.  I just stared at the floor.

So, to press my pangs of conscience a little further,  right after this incident another nice lady with her baby pushes her cart by me and says, "You know, you're really pretty.  You're a really pretty mom."

My friends, I did not look good yesterday.  

Let me just plead with you, should you ever have the random thought to tell a random stranger how good looking they are that day (especially if they are looking a little strained), always, always follow through with it.
Because maybe that random stranger is having a really crappy day, in a really crappy week, and maybe that random compliment could mean the world to them.
Just sayin'.

Anyways, I saw this awesome ad with a girl's hair flipping above her head perfectly.  My sister and I thought that we'd have a go.

And learned that hair flipping is a lot harder than it looks...

But oh well.  We had fun :)

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  1. Can I just say how amazing this post is??? I keep coming back to this post to look at these photos. Amazing, amazing hair shots!!!!!!



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