Tuesday, May 15, 2012

yarn & kitty

Okay the slippers were a little much.  I will get to them, but I was way over my league thinking I could start with them.  This is what I made instead.

It's a scarf!
Only sort of stubbier and shorter.  And then I folded it over, added buttonholes, and sewed up the sides.
It's a scarf, but doubles as a kindle case incognito.

Here lies a tutorial:

It's all single crochet, and I doubled the yarn on my hook so that it is nice and thick.  Measure around your device as you go.

And here's kitty:

Actually his name is Parker, and he's my Grandmother's cat.  She thinks he's grungy looking.
I think he's beautiful.

That being said, I am not really a cat person.  
So when I was gentle and calm enough that he sort of began to feel comfortable around me.

I let him know he should stay on his toes.

Sorry cat, you're not the only one who can hiss around here.

He didn't think it was funny.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE that yarn color- very pretty. I wanted to share my sleepy turtle with you... you inspired me!! it was a fun project for my nephew's first birthday :) (you'll have to scroll down a little in the post) http://evanandlaurenmoore.blogspot.com/2012/05/national-zoo.html



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