Monday, May 7, 2012

they're just babies

My husband's father owns several goats.  Each spring the females have babies.  We were lucky enough to be around when two of them had theirs, a set of twins and a set of triples.  Kids are docile and shy for the first few days of life.  That's about the only time they are docile and shy.  Goats are known for being lively and skittish.  Before long they'll be jumping, prancing, and dancing :)

Did you know that goats sound quite like real babies when they cry?  It's sort of compelling. 
This momma had three babies.  A grey girl, a black girl, and a white boy.

Oh so sweet!

The above little lady had a bit of trouble accepting the responsibility of learning to eat.  She had to be helped for a day or two before she got the hang of it.  But she's just fine now.

We left before the last expectant goat had her babies.  Prediction?  Four.  
She walked around all stiff and kind of really really huge.  I do not envy the sweet thing.  Hopefully she's able to forget all about the pregnancy and enjoy her warm and loving babies when they arrive.

Goodness, they are cute.

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  1. Oh my goodness how adorable are they! The last two photos are especially sweet. What a memorable experience and it looks like you've got the photos to prove it too.



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